Beef reared naturally, 
by farmers we know.


The Ox Roast

Many will have seen a Hog Roast. Well, our Ox Roast is the same principle, but on a much larger scale! Its a whole beef carcase cooked in our custom built Ox Roast Oven. It is completely mobile, meaning we can cater any where in the UK.

Standard service of the Ox Roast beef
Is in a bread roll, baked by Taylors of Bruton. Along with peppery salad leaves, chimichurri Sauce, caramelised red onion marmalade, horseradish sauce and local craft produced mustards.

Other sides are available, and a list of salads and potato options, such traditional coleslaw, winter vegetable slaw and  vine tomato salad are available on our menu page.

The beef can also be served as part of a plated meal, accompanied by gravy made from the 24 hour roasting juices.

serving an ox roast


ox roast service

We source beef cattle reared locally and use traditional native breeds such as Herefords, Dexter, Lincoln Reds, Aberdeen Angus, Galloway, and Beef Shorthorns.

These are breeds prized internationally for their premium quality, natural flavour, tenderness and succulence. They are reared with care, in a natural environment, by farmers we know.
They are allowed to grow and mature slowly; this produces a great marbling of fat which will melt away as it slowly cooks over 24 hours, leaving the most delicious meat you will ever taste.

What are the logistics of catering with a Whole Roast Ox?

Once we have discussed your requirements, the first step is for the beef to be hung and dry aged for at least 21 days.This will mean we need at least 6 weeks notice to provide catering.
The day before your event, we will collect the beef and travel to your venue (if this is a long way we have the facility to keep the meat chilled). At the venue we will finish preparation of the meat on the spit inside the oven. Roasting usually starts around late afternoon of the day before, and will continue through the night and on into the following morning, with frequent basting during cooking. The Ox Roast is then allowed to rest, a vital part of the cooking procedure. Finally our skilled chefs will carve and serve the succulent hot beef.

whole roast ox oven