He continues: “In the food world there’s a trend towards how other cultures cook their meat whole to achieve the best flavours, from the Argentine ‘Asado’ barbecue to the New Zealand ‘Hangi’ where the animal is slowly cooked over hot stones in the ground; each country adds its own unique spin and the slow roasting adds to an enhanced flavour. The Whole Roast Ox Company is all about bringing that culture back to Great Britain. Beef from the Yorkshire Dales is world-renowned for its tenderness and flavour, as well as a high omega 3 content. You only need to see the purple heather moors or lush green pastures around the Dales to realise how natural these animals’ diets have been.”
He adds: “A whole roast ox can feed between 500 to 2000 people, so is the perfect idea for anyone looking for something a little different to set their party, wedding or even festival apart.”
“At heart I’m a real foodie. I love the way that cooking can affect flavours of the meat, as well as the theatre of a whole roast and the social interaction it encourages. I’m convinced it is something that will appeal to all meat lovers; fire, meat and eating together.”
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